Support Your Local Charities




Video King Champ-E high resolution bingo touch screen tablet.

Event Tabs

The most popular tabs all at one location. Unlimited Event Tab Cash every session.

Double Action

Double Action is simple to play – just say “EITHER NUMBER CALLED, MARK THE SQUARE” and play the patterns you normally use. Fast play = More chances to WIN!!!!!

Paper or Computer for Cover-alls

This is an extra Bingo game that gives the player a chance to WIN (9) $50 games simultaneously. This is a Computer Add-On Only. This game is played on Thursday Nights, Friday Nights and Saturday Nights

Instead of the First name pulled, it's the last person standing that wins the GRAND PRIZE. The top 5 win $$$.  Other prizes are available throughout the event.

We hold 5-7 Reverse Raffles per year.  Be on the look out...

All In

There is a set Buy-in to win multiple $750 Games




Tejas Bingo is considered a social venue for entertainment and fundraising purposes.

Bingo is held on behalf of charities that donate their time, talent and treasures to help others when they have no other choice of resources for help.

All charities are non-profit and they fulfill their charitable purpose by fund raising through bingo occasions.

The Charities that have played here have distributed MILLIONS of dollars since 2001 for their charitable purposes.

Come support your local charities, have fun and win CASH.

"Where Friends Meet Friends"